Neighbors of Seaton Place DC

Neighbors of Seaton Place DC Smithsonian



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  1. We are ....... Bold

  2. To reach our communities and transform a community through,
    we must act in courage


  3. We are ....... Excellent

  4. In all things we do we peruse excellence in?

  5. We are ....... Constant

  6. Remembering where we came from is just as important to where we are
    going and who we are cultivating the leadership for we will be relentless
    in the goals and vision Neighbors of Seaton Place Inc.

  7. We are ....... Generous

  8. We commit to give fully of our Time, Expertise, and Leadership

  9. We are ....... Committed

  10. We will remain humble and always teaching our at risk young adults.
    How to navigate into adulthood. We Know they can learn from all experiences
    and we will strive to become greater as we cultivate the leader within.

  11. We are ....... Dreamers

  12. Creativity is important to us and as such we will use all creative means for
    individuals to Experience a full and abundant Life.

  13. We are ....... One

  14. We stand behind the Mission and Vision of Neighbors of Seaton Inc.
    and we will protect the integrity of Our calling.